Join Jonas and his brother Alan as they first encounter the epic beauty and nightmares of both the Dream and Waking Worlds as kids.

The Prequel to the
Award-winning film!

From award-winning musician Tom DeLonge and NYT best-selling author Suzanne Young comes the first in an epic trilogy. Poet Anderson tells the story of two lucid dreaming teen brothers, recently orphaned, on a journey to a life on their own. After a car accident lands one in a coma, the other sets out into the Dream World to find his brother and wake him up. With the help of a guardian Dream Walker, he must battle the Night Terror and REM to save his brother.

“Be Sure to add this cool series to your pull list.”
– Bleeding Cool

“Beautifully rendered by Djet in a style reminiscent of anime at it’s best.”
– Pullbox

“9.5 out of 10”
– Bubble Blabber

The lucid dreaming adventures of the Anderson brothers, who discover they play a crucial role in the protection of the The Waking World. Conceived and written by Multi-platinum recording artist Tom DeLonge (blink-182, Angels and Airwaves) and Ben Kull (Father of the Pride, Mission Hill), and illustrated by animation sensation Djet, this original comic series reveals an epic, ageless race for Immortality, Power, and Purpose. Published by Magnetic Press. The comic book prequel of the award-winning animated film by the same title.

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