The Dream World

From award-winning musician Tom DeLonge and NYT best-selling author Suzanne Young comes the first in an epic trilogy. Poet Anderson tells the story of two lucid dreaming teen brothers, recently orphaned, on a journey to a life on their own. After a car accident lands one in a coma, the other sets out into the Dream World to find his brother and wake him up. With the help of a guardian Dream Walker, he must battle the Night Terror and REM to save his brother.

Angels & Airwaves
video, Tunnels, live!

Taken from the chart topping album The Dream Walker and the award winning animation Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker.

From the imagination of Tom DeLonge, the Dream World is an alternate universe created by humankind’s shared unconcsious thoughts. When Poet Anderson journeys deep into this world, he meets his own Dream Walker, a mysterious guardian angel who leads Poet to confront his demons and his destiny. Music by the rock band Angels & Airwaves.

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